SUGIZO’s first solo live album! LIVE IN TOKYO Get it on 9/16/2020 (fan club only) and 9/30/2020 (general release)!

SUGIZO’s first solo live album was recorded at HALF CENTURY ANNIVERSARY FES.,
his first-ever birthday concert at Nakano Sunplaza in 2019.
The two discs contain all of SGZ’s performances from Day 1 and 2,
including guest appearances by his dear friends.

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SUGIZO once said, “Wonderful music already exists. My job is like that of a sculptor of Buddhist images—I just carefully reveal these ‘crystals.’” His musical life is an endless loop of dedicating body and soul, as well as all of the musical skill he has developed over many long years, to his work.

SUGIZO got people talking with his HALF CENTURY ANNIVERSARY FES. birthday concert at Nakano Sunplaza on July 7 and 8, 2019. This live album contains all of his performances from those two days, reconstructed and mixed by Dub Master X, one of his dearest friends. It is a compilation of his work from the past, but we can also regard it as a manifesto expressing SUGIZO’s genre-smashing, continuously growing, endless spirit of inquiry. I believe this album contains tempestuous, crazy, beautiful music, without a single cloud in the sky.

I am also sure SUGIZO will continue living his life with sincerity, together with his music, just as he has in the past.


Streaming release

Available on iTunes on 7/8/2020!



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  2. VOICE feat. 清春


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  3. 巡り逢えるなら feat. TERU & TAKURO

    If We Meet by Chance
    feat. TERU & TAKURO

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  4. 絶彩 feat. 京

    Vibrant Despair feat. Kyo

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