RELEASES 12/19/2018!

Limited edition first printing: Two SHM-CDs, special LP jacket ¥5,500 + tax Regular version: Two SHM-CDs ¥3,500 + tax

Experience SUGIZO’s unparalleled,
cosmic soundscapes on the second “best of” album
featuring his life’s work!

SUGIZO has refined his unparalleled soundscapes during the decade since his “best of” album COSMOSCAPE was released in 2008. COSMOSCAPE Ⅱ is a supreme piece of art leveraging his polished, distinctive, and experimental ways of expressing himself to fuse electronic music, trance, techno, ambient, and psychedelic sounds (the core of “SUGIZO Music”) with loud rock, jazz, funk, and contemporary music.
COSMOSCAPE Ⅱ, releasing on December 19, 2018, covers 10 years of time and showcases SUGIZO as he is today. The lineup was personally selected by SUGIZO from his original albums (spanning FLOWER OF LIFE in 2011 to ONENESS M in 2017), his compositions for plays and films, and other works. It includes the full-sized version of “Hyakki Yakou ~Psychedelia~,” by the Kaibutsu Butodan, which was put online for people in 245 countries and regions to listen to this summer. This unique band formed for a PEPSI J-COLA TV commercial consists of Sayuri ISHIKAWA, SUGIZO, KenKen, Nyango Star, and DJ RENA.
The artwork features the Space Glass of Satoshi TOMIZU—a collaboration by SUGIZO and this glass artist via their insatiable quest into the universe. The artwork is by Go MATSUDA, who has worked on many of SUGIZO’s projects, and expresses the concept of a profound, beautiful cosmos.

Listening to COSMOSCAPE Ⅱ, SUGIZO’s most recent “best of” album, inspires the frank thought, “Is the world still this beautiful?”

It makes one imagine that all of the songs on this album—including dance music that seems to shake the heavens, and ballads evoking a sense of whispering spirits—pour down like a blessed rain, quietly yet surely stirring the souls of people in need of healing.
In addition to SUGIZO’s fantastic original compositions from 2009 on, this expansive two-disc album also includes songs from the soundtracks of films and plays for which SUGIZO served as musical director. It also has a new, psychedelic version of “Hyakki Yakou,” a compelling collaboration that got people talking when it was featured in a TV commercial. Some songs have been updated this year, indicating a new standard for “SUGIZO Music” going forward and displaying a more overwhelming dynamism.
SUGIZO has earned greater renown as an individual musician while continuing his solo work together with his activities in LUNA SEA and X JAPAN. COSMOSCAPE Ⅱ shows the process by which his recent music has rapidly evolved and gained depth. But even beyond that, it is significant as an omen suggesting that a new world will be opened up by SUGIZO’s everlasting romanticism towards music.

text by Hiroki YOSHIDOME